Witch 2 Small Clary Bell by Gabrielle .
Photobucket Mr Owl by Gabrielle
Photobucket Matilda by Gabrielle
Photobucket A little girl day dreaming by a tree.By Gabrielle
Photobucket My Tree Hugger by Mommy
Photobucket >Acrylic paint and paper flowers and beading.By Mommy
Photobucket >Fabric and beading as well as stitching on canvas.By Mommy
Photobucket This is one of my earlier water colors.

Yeah My Battery Charger

Posted by Jeannette On Monday, August 30, 2010

arrived on Saturday and so did a sinus infection.I have one of those immune systems that allows me to catch anything someone else has.Having 4 children in school they bring home all kinds of illness.I have hand sanitizer and lysol and bleach wipes ect...Still getting the dreadful stuff so sorry about my pictures being slightly off and a tad bit unfinished.I was so excited to get my charger I wanted to go ahead and take pics anyway.I will be listing them on Etsy between September/1 to September/5th if this darn infection will go away so I can spray sealer on them.

This is my witchy french girl I think shes adorable she is one of my hat girls decided I would get into the fall theme.The next photo is of my blackbirds also meant for fall/halloween.

Lastly another fall hat girl but I'm thinking I need to add something to the background.

I tend to be a minimalist and not do as much to my backgrounds as I should.I started another canvas which I'm hoping will be done in time for Halloween.The background on it is more collaged and textured and maybe by just doing it I will be more brave and break out of my shell.For now I'm off to make me some nice hot tea with honey and lemon.



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