Witch 2 Small Clary Bell by Gabrielle .
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Photobucket Matilda by Gabrielle
Photobucket A little girl day dreaming by a tree.By Gabrielle
Photobucket My Tree Hugger by Mommy
Photobucket >Acrylic paint and paper flowers and beading.By Mommy
Photobucket >Fabric and beading as well as stitching on canvas.By Mommy
Photobucket This is one of my earlier water colors.

Blog Template

Posted by Jeannette On Thursday, August 19, 2010

I received an email last night about my blogger template.So I thought I would answer here as well in case anyone else is interested.Well I have to admit that the template came from Falcon Hive but not even me Mr Falcon himself could dream this up.The template has been tweeked so much that it doesn't even hint at the old design.The fact is, it has changed so many times over the year that some ladies thought it was a different site altogether.I love color and nothing bores me more then a site that is white.Much like white walls,white furniture and white picture frames which is a common decorating scheme.

The link to the original template is at the bottom.However it is nothing like this and has taken me many months to learn it and tweek it and make it my own.If you are interested in having your site similar to mine but with different colors ect..Then I would be happy to help you.I can set up a dummy site for you which, then you can copy and paste in to your own blog.This template has alot of elements but once you learn them then it is easy.Leave a comment if interested but please keep in mind that I will have to do in my own time.


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  1. Hello and thank you for your comment left on my blog. What a unique blog (template) you have here! Very interesting!!

    Posted on 28 August 2010 at 18:59


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