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Rain and a Cold

Posted by Jeannette On Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Studio Window
I love when it rains and it's all dark and cloudy outside.I would have no problem living in a country where it rains all the time.This is my studio window please forgive the bit of dead vine there.It's been so hot here that nothing has done to well.Well except that big weed that has grown into something resembling a tree.I don't have curtains up yet in here because I love the sun and the way it shines through the window.

It's also nice to be able to watch people as they walk their dogs and the children ride their bikes.The tree/weed is really neat  it reminds of me a palm tree really.My husband didn't say anything to me for keeping it and letting it grow.I have a really horrible cold and have been so sick I cant paint.I tried to sketch some but my girls were coming out all wonky.I love the word wonky so you will probably hear it alot.

Some really good news is my art supplies from Michaels finally arrived on Tuesday.I was beyond thrilled because the cashier had neglected to give me my third bag.I had one bag with gallery canvases and a second bag with Liquitex Basic paints and then the third bag had my coptic markers,pitt markers,brushes,golden tar gel and some other must have goodies.I have been  wanting to try the clear tar gel for a long time so I was pretty sad when I got home and it wasn't there.I would have gone back to the store and gotten it butttt.....The store is a hour and a half away so I couldn't...They also kept one of my canvases and so had to send it as well.

I was with a friend that day and so happy to be going to lunch ect that I didn't think about it.So they sent me my original canvas and another one.It's 24x36 can you believe it? I have worked on that size before but not to put on Etsy to sell.So now my mind is churning out the idea's of what it can become.I keep a journal not to just sketch in but to keep my idea's in as well.Sticky Notes is also great you can attach them to your computer screen and then delete later when you have written it down.Sorry I was unable to do Technique Tuesday but I will be adding it later this evening.So check back later and you may learn something new which is always exciting for us Artists...



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