Witch 2 Small Clary Bell by Gabrielle .
Photobucket Mr Owl by Gabrielle
Photobucket Matilda by Gabrielle
Photobucket A little girl day dreaming by a tree.By Gabrielle
Photobucket My Tree Hugger by Mommy
Photobucket >Acrylic paint and paper flowers and beading.By Mommy
Photobucket >Fabric and beading as well as stitching on canvas.By Mommy
Photobucket This is one of my earlier water colors.
it's cold at 203 Gummy Tree Lane today Happy Winter Days from Clary Bell.

I'm late I'm late

said the rabbit.Sadly so am I and I am so sorry about that.My grammy as most of you know has alzheimers and high blood pressure along with diabetes.She has been in the hospital for over two weeks.If I don't stay with her then she will go to a geriatric psych ward.So guess where I have been for almost the entire time. Life has been very busy and with that no posting time.So I am now here to to announce the winner of the "Practical Magic Blog Party Giveaway"..The winner is by pulling the name from the hat "Shaiha from Shaihas Ramblings so if you read this post Shaiha please send me your email address.I will also be contacting you through email as well.Once again I am very sorry and hope you wonderful ladies will forgive me.

Oh Monday,Monday, September/27/2010

This is what I created during the weekend and she is close to finished.I need to add her hands and some words around her wings.I like her fairly well I've never added wings to my big head girls and I think they look pretty good.I plan to add some more flowers to her dress today.

My battery is charging at the moment and this is the only pic I managed to get before it said "forget it lady" charge me up if you expect me to work.My mom is coming on friday to visit for a couple of days so I have lots of housework to do.The month of September was filled with days of the flu we have all been sick for almost the entire month.It feels good to know that is behind us.We also celebrated to birthdays my 2 sons and my oldest daughters will be on the 30th..Then we have my Grandmothers on the 1st of October and no more for awhile.

I will post some pictures on my "family"link in a couple of days.I celebrated with some wonderful gals in  the "Practical Magic Party" it was nice to be a part of it.I visited some great blogs and if you look under "blogger partys" you can visit them as well.The weather has been wonderful as well.We are having temps in the lower 70's I guess that means I can get out to my square foot garden and get the beds weeded.Have a wonderful art filled Monday.

Practical Magic Blog Party and a Giveaway

Welcome to the Practical Magic Blog Party hosted by Frosted Petunias and La Boheme Magique.I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful  party and to offer a give away as well.All you have to do is leave a comment here and I will pick the lucky winner one week from today October/2 ....

The giveaway is the Witchy Cabinet to your left.I had so much fun making it and  I hope you will like it to.What is not pictured is a little surprise for you which will come along with the cabinet.We all like surprises and I'm positive you will love it.I am also offering a print of one of my original paintings.The witch is inspired by Gillian my favorite character.You will have to forgive me for my bad photography skills I'm working on improving them promise.

Enjoy your day visiting all the wonderful blogs and thanks for stopping by.Come back to see me soon and don't forget to leave your comment so I can come and visit with you as well.

Rain and a Cold

Studio Window
I love when it rains and it's all dark and cloudy outside.I would have no problem living in a country where it rains all the time.This is my studio window please forgive the bit of dead vine there.It's been so hot here that nothing has done to well.Well except that big weed that has grown into something resembling a tree.I don't have curtains up yet in here because I love the sun and the way it shines through the window.

It's also nice to be able to watch people as they walk their dogs and the children ride their bikes.The tree/weed is really neat  it reminds of me a palm tree really.My husband didn't say anything to me for keeping it and letting it grow.I have a really horrible cold and have been so sick I cant paint.I tried to sketch some but my girls were coming out all wonky.I love the word wonky so you will probably hear it alot.

Some really good news is my art supplies from Michaels finally arrived on Tuesday.I was beyond thrilled because the cashier had neglected to give me my third bag.I had one bag with gallery canvases and a second bag with Liquitex Basic paints and then the third bag had my coptic markers,pitt markers,brushes,golden tar gel and some other must have goodies.I have been  wanting to try the clear tar gel for a long time so I was pretty sad when I got home and it wasn't there.I would have gone back to the store and gotten it butttt.....The store is a hour and a half away so I couldn't...They also kept one of my canvases and so had to send it as well.

I was with a friend that day and so happy to be going to lunch ect that I didn't think about it.So they sent me my original canvas and another one.It's 24x36 can you believe it? I have worked on that size before but not to put on Etsy to sell.So now my mind is churning out the idea's of what it can become.I keep a journal not to just sketch in but to keep my idea's in as well.Sticky Notes is also great you can attach them to your computer screen and then delete later when you have written it down.Sorry I was unable to do Technique Tuesday but I will be adding it later this evening.So check back later and you may learn something new which is always exciting for us Artists...

Yeah My Battery Charger

arrived on Saturday and so did a sinus infection.I have one of those immune systems that allows me to catch anything someone else has.Having 4 children in school they bring home all kinds of illness.I have hand sanitizer and lysol and bleach wipes ect...Still getting the dreadful stuff so sorry about my pictures being slightly off and a tad bit unfinished.I was so excited to get my charger I wanted to go ahead and take pics anyway.I will be listing them on Etsy between September/1 to September/5th if this darn infection will go away so I can spray sealer on them.

This is my witchy french girl I think shes adorable she is one of my hat girls decided I would get into the fall theme.The next photo is of my blackbirds also meant for fall/halloween.

Lastly another fall hat girl but I'm thinking I need to add something to the background.

I tend to be a minimalist and not do as much to my backgrounds as I should.I started another canvas which I'm hoping will be done in time for Halloween.The background on it is more collaged and textured and maybe by just doing it I will be more brave and break out of my shell.For now I'm off to make me some nice hot tea with honey and lemon.

Blog Template

I received an email last night about my blogger template.So I thought I would answer here as well in case anyone else is interested.Well I have to admit that the template came from Falcon Hive but not even me Mr Falcon himself could dream this up.The template has been tweeked so much that it doesn't even hint at the old design.The fact is, it has changed so many times over the year that some ladies thought it was a different site altogether.I love color and nothing bores me more then a site that is white.Much like white walls,white furniture and white picture frames which is a common decorating scheme.

The link to the original template is at the bottom.However it is nothing like this and has taken me many months to learn it and tweek it and make it my own.If you are interested in having your site similar to mine but with different colors ect..Then I would be happy to help you.I can set up a dummy site for you which, then you can copy and paste in to your own blog.This template has alot of elements but once you learn them then it is easy.Leave a comment if interested but please keep in mind that I will have to do in my own time.

Still No Camera

I am still without my camera today because my sweet girls lost the charger for my battery.I have been so busy getting ready for the first day of school(today) that it never crossed my mind to purchase on.My husband tells me"don't buy another one they are cheaper on amazon.So there is one coming in the mail along with an extra battery.It would no have gotten lost if he hadn't let them make movies with it.The camera is very expensive and I told him as much when I came back home.So now the charger is missing and I cannot post my own photos...

I am so glad my sweeties are back in school and that I can wake up early and work in my studio.I now just have my soon to be 4 year old at home.The amount of noise in the house kept me up to 3 am working when it was quieter.I don't do well with tons of noise and I don't like to shut my door.I always feel like I am closing them out.So lots of stuff getting done today as they had taken over the living room due to the heat.We have an old two story house that we are almost finished renovating and their rooms are to hot they say.Since they are just across the way from me they can get loud with arguing and watching tv...

The heat this year has been horrid everywhere from what I have read.We reside in Missouri at the moment and it has been 106 with the heat index.The kids wouldn't go outside to play and are glad to get back to school.The weather on Tuesday was wonderful at 78 degrees...It is nice today as well even in the upper 80's...Since I couldn't share some photos of my paintings I thought I would share a favorite product of mine.They are called Liquitex Basics Colors and they are absolutely fabulous.I really love the colors I have picked up so far.Especially the Brilliant Yellow Green and Light Blue they really are wonderful to work with as they say they are like butter and creamy.

Here is another picture for you and they are much more affordable then Goldens Liquid Acrylics which I also use.I use Folk Art paint as well but not as much as the liquitex.I plan to get the whole 36 colors they offer.You can pick them up online or at Michaels or Hobby Lobby with Michaels being the cheapest.The brushes you see are suppose to be by liquitex as well.I use good quality brushes and may pick some of these up just to see how well they do.

Well until the next time I hope you have a wonderful art filled day.

Hello Everyone

So much has happened since a year and a half ago.I moved into this huge 2 story house and found I had no time to do anything but read a few blogs now and then.My art consisted of a few sketches but not painting.Putting them on canvas and then leaving them.I have lost a cousin and an uncle to cancer and my grand mother who I adore has alzheimer's. Since then she has come to live with me and it has been and ongoing struggle.Every day she is slipping away from me.Every day she is trying to leave the house and has had an accident.I was wondering for the longest time how the screens on the windows were getting torn almost all the way off.I discovered that she had been opening them and tearing the screens off so she could leave.I love her so much but the stress has leaked into my art time.Now she doesn't sleep at night and roams the house.We have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully some sleeping aids will help her.

We have done a tremendous amount of work to the house.I am really proud of what we have accomplished.The summer which is my least favorite time of the year is almost over.Soon fall will be here which I love and we can have some meals outside until it gets to cold.I have been drawing and painting more now that the house is nearly complete.Will post some photos very soon for all to see.I hope you will all come back and visit me often.Sorry I was incognito for so long.

Photobucket Featured Blogger this month Andrea Seiler.Andrea's collage and Mixed Media Art is so cool.Like all Artist's Andrea is creating some really cute Halloween pieces.You can find Andrea's blog here and her Esty Shop here visit soon.
Photobucket This is one of my favorite blogs and one of my favorite magazines.On Fabulous Friday they feature a new Artist.I enjoy reading about other Artists and their creative processes.I'm sure that you will enjoy it as well.
BWS tips button
Have you read Taking Flight yet? The book is absolutely amazing and I enjoyed each and every page.Now Kelly has gone and done something even more incredible.It's called Flying Lessons The E:book Series. Tips and Tricks to help your creative biz soar.I'm sure all of us can use some great tips to help us from time to time.

One of my most favorite Artists of all time is Milliande she is a Journaling Artist and so much more.I watched her videos on how to draw faces.I have always had a problem getting the girls I draw to have pretty eyes.Her videos taught me so much and I'm positive you will enjoy visiting her site as well.