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New Studio Space and Design Sponge

Posted by Jeannette On Friday, January 29, 2010

Have you ever tried to find pictures of black wood floors white trim and one solid color on the walls? Well if you haven't, then don't despair as I haven't either but you will soon.It snowed today and I was unable to leave the house and my studio is still in desperate need of finishing.So I decided what the heck I will take another gander at my beautiful wood floors, that were painted this horrible ugly brown, except in the middle.Yep they painted all the way around an area rug.You have to laugh or you would cry.I really love and appreciate natural wood but the amount of paint used in this house I will never get it done.By the time I do get it done we will have moved and someone else may come along and just repaint it.

The first thing you want to do is remove paint and re stain everything.It isn't feasible if you wont be here forever at least in my opinion.I am bound for Italy at some point and just don't want to go through the steps and time it will take.We wont paint what isn't painted already but we will repaint everything else.Though personally I don't really think there is anything wrong with painting.I love the look of crisp white trim and black wood floors and one single knock out color on the walls.To much white and it feels to bright to me.I guess that is the Artist in me.I need color to make me happy.

So off I went to look for pictures and found some at Design Sponge

I really like the floor but it's a bit to glossy for me.So I went to look for some more and found this picture


Which I also really like because it doesn't seem so "right back at you" but it is a little dull and would be hard to keep it looking fresh.So off I went again to look for more pictures and then I discovered this one

To me this one is perfect it's so black and not to shiny.It will remain looking just scrubbed clean after it dries.Then of course it looks great up against the white trim.So I thought ok now I need a color of course I already purchased all the colors for the house before hand.Wanted to try it against something I have never chosen before.So stay tuned for pictures of my studio and my black kitchen will be posting them soon.



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