Witch 2 Small Clary Bell by Gabrielle .
Photobucket Mr Owl by Gabrielle
Photobucket Matilda by Gabrielle
Photobucket A little girl day dreaming by a tree.By Gabrielle
Photobucket My Tree Hugger by Mommy
Photobucket >Acrylic paint and paper flowers and beading.By Mommy
Photobucket >Fabric and beading as well as stitching on canvas.By Mommy
Photobucket This is one of my earlier water colors.

Hello Everyone

Posted by Jeannette On Monday, August 09, 2010

So much has happened since a year and a half ago.I moved into this huge 2 story house and found I had no time to do anything but read a few blogs now and then.My art consisted of a few sketches but not painting.Putting them on canvas and then leaving them.I have lost a cousin and an uncle to cancer and my grand mother who I adore has alzheimer's. Since then she has come to live with me and it has been and ongoing struggle.Every day she is slipping away from me.Every day she is trying to leave the house and has had an accident.I was wondering for the longest time how the screens on the windows were getting torn almost all the way off.I discovered that she had been opening them and tearing the screens off so she could leave.I love her so much but the stress has leaked into my art time.Now she doesn't sleep at night and roams the house.We have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully some sleeping aids will help her.

We have done a tremendous amount of work to the house.I am really proud of what we have accomplished.The summer which is my least favorite time of the year is almost over.Soon fall will be here which I love and we can have some meals outside until it gets to cold.I have been drawing and painting more now that the house is nearly complete.Will post some photos very soon for all to see.I hope you will all come back and visit me often.Sorry I was incognito for so long.



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