Witch 2 Small Clary Bell by Gabrielle .
Photobucket Mr Owl by Gabrielle
Photobucket Matilda by Gabrielle
Photobucket A little girl day dreaming by a tree.By Gabrielle
Photobucket My Tree Hugger by Mommy
Photobucket >Acrylic paint and paper flowers and beading.By Mommy
Photobucket >Fabric and beading as well as stitching on canvas.By Mommy
Photobucket This is one of my earlier water colors.

Still No Camera

Posted by Jeannette On Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am still without my camera today because my sweet girls lost the charger for my battery.I have been so busy getting ready for the first day of school(today) that it never crossed my mind to purchase on.My husband tells me"don't buy another one they are cheaper on amazon.So there is one coming in the mail along with an extra battery.It would no have gotten lost if he hadn't let them make movies with it.The camera is very expensive and I told him as much when I came back home.So now the charger is missing and I cannot post my own photos...

I am so glad my sweeties are back in school and that I can wake up early and work in my studio.I now just have my soon to be 4 year old at home.The amount of noise in the house kept me up to 3 am working when it was quieter.I don't do well with tons of noise and I don't like to shut my door.I always feel like I am closing them out.So lots of stuff getting done today as they had taken over the living room due to the heat.We have an old two story house that we are almost finished renovating and their rooms are to hot they say.Since they are just across the way from me they can get loud with arguing and watching tv...

The heat this year has been horrid everywhere from what I have read.We reside in Missouri at the moment and it has been 106 with the heat index.The kids wouldn't go outside to play and are glad to get back to school.The weather on Tuesday was wonderful at 78 degrees...It is nice today as well even in the upper 80's...Since I couldn't share some photos of my paintings I thought I would share a favorite product of mine.They are called Liquitex Basics Colors and they are absolutely fabulous.I really love the colors I have picked up so far.Especially the Brilliant Yellow Green and Light Blue they really are wonderful to work with as they say they are like butter and creamy.

Here is another picture for you and they are much more affordable then Goldens Liquid Acrylics which I also use.I use Folk Art paint as well but not as much as the liquitex.I plan to get the whole 36 colors they offer.You can pick them up online or at Michaels or Hobby Lobby with Michaels being the cheapest.The brushes you see are suppose to be by liquitex as well.I use good quality brushes and may pick some of these up just to see how well they do.

Well until the next time I hope you have a wonderful art filled day.



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